23 years ago, I had my first cigarette. I was 14.

Yes, I realize that I just gave anyone who can do math my age.

Was I rebelling? Trying to be cool? Pressured by my peers? Influenced by my parents? Does it matter? I was young and stupid. I could blame my folks, my friends, the environment in which I grew up (everyone smoked where I grew up when I was a kid), but in the end, it was my own fault. And shortly after my first one, I was a pack a day smoker, which is near around where I remained for 2 decades.

Then the summer of 2012, my Mother of all people introduced me to electronic cigarettes. Neither of us knew much about them, and went with the recommendation of a friend of hers. And if the gear and juice I received in my very first vape mail was all there was in the e-cig industry, I’d still be a smoker. The hardware was terrible. The juice was harsh and flavourless. And while I tried to vape more and more, to at the very least cut back on my traditional nicotine delivery system, I just couldn’t.

It wasn’t until a load of research later, and a trip to a local vape shop, did I go from crap gear and garbage juice to reliable hardware and juice with flavour. It was working. It took a lot of trial and error, testing and changing things, but on May 11, 2014, I had my last cigarette.

That’s where this blog comes in.

With all my research has come the bravery to try different juices. To change up my hardware. To learn the ways of building. To search out new vendors. To connect with the vaping community both in Canada and around the world. I don’t know it all. I’ll never claim too. But what I do know is that there is a lot of absolutely wonderful juices, devices, people and places within the vaping scene that I just have to tell the world about.

And so that’s what I’ll do here.

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