Caramel Mocha from VapeMe Vapables!

PG/VG:  30/70
Strength:  1mg
Hardware Used:

  • Mephisto RDA clone, dual coil built with 24ga Kanthal on a 3mm coiling jig, registering @ 0.3Ω on a Hexohm V2 (~70 watts)
  • Aspire Triton using a 0.5Ω Atlantis coil on an Innokin Cool Fire 4 (4.2V)

My lawn is littered with leaves.  I’ve had to scrape frost off my windshield.  I’ve consumed a few pumpkin spice muffins from Tim Horton’s.  And the past two nights, I’ve slept in socks, jogging pants, and a heavy hoodie with the hood part up, all cause I didn’t want to turn on the furnace yet and until this morning, was the only one who seemed to be affected by the internal temperature of my house being below 18C during the day and less than that at night.  The furnace is now officially on.

I guess I’ve got to admit it.  Fall’s here.

And with fall comes my desire to drink warm beverages again, something I don’t do a whole heck of a lot of in warmer months. I’ve dusted off the Kuereg, busted out the coffee and tea k-cups, and have been trying to warm myself up from the inside out these past few days. Now, for those of you who’re wondering how the hell I manage to keep from becoming a popsicle in winter with how I’m handling autumn thus far, well, I truly can’t tell you…  All I know is that we’ve gone from sweltering heat to “as cold as a polar bear’s tuckus” in a week out here, and I’m just not adjusting as well as I’d like.  So forgive me my longjohns and touque, and my big ol mug of frou-frou coffee.

Speaking of frou-frou coffee, have you tried Caramel Mocha from VapeMe Vapables? Cause I’d be drinking one of them if I could.

Fresh, this stuff is STRONG!  May I suggest if you’re thinking of ordering this (and you should skip the thinking and just do it if you like coffee vapes), you give it a week or two steeping time.  In the days prior to my ordering this juice, I talked with Mike and told me that this flavour is a pretty powerful one to begin with, and to not get it doubled unless I found myself to be “hard of tasting”.  I can see why he gave me that warning.  My first experience with this juice in a dripper was enough to wake me up, even if the “energy buzz” was merely a placebo affect on my tongue tasting bold coffee and sweet caramel. Since then, it has calmed down.  While it’s still a bold flavour, even in a high VG mix (and it can even go higher than my 30/70 mix), it’s smooth and tasty!

And, you don’t have to wait in line with a bunch of hipsters at Starbucks to get it!

Bold coffee and caramel.  Maybe a hint of cream.  Simple, yet delicious!  And the perfect colour changing, frost forming, furnace turning on season vape!

Clouds are pretty abundant in my mix, and smell more sweet than this juice tastes, which I found surprising, until I remembered how sweet a caramel mocha can smell in comparison to how it tastes when you drink them.  In that case, they’re fairly even.  Throat hit is mild, but the coffee can give a titch of a tickle if you’re anything like me.

And ordering from VapeMe is half the fun!  If I wasn’t trying to capture the awesome of the individual flavours as they can be solo, I’d have paired this with some Irish Cream.  Which is how I would pair a drink like this in the evenings, when the kids are in bed and I’m contemplating crawling back into my jogging pants and hoodie before going to sleep.

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