Norton’s Gobsmack by The Juice Punk!

PG/VG: 40/60
Strength:  3mg
Hardware Used:

  • Mephisto RDA clone, dual coil built with 24ga Kanthal on a 3mm coiling jig, registering @ 0.3Ω on a Hexohm V2 (~60 watts)
  • FreeMax StarrePro, Ni200 coil registering @ 0.17Ω on an IPV4 (500°F @ 50J)

Recently I received a parcel full to bursting with juices from The Juice Punk, a relatively new player in the e-liquid game in Canada.  My husband passed me the parcel Saturday evening when I got back home from my weekend job, and although my feet ached like someone had taken 20lb sledgehammers to the bottoms of them, I pranced in place as I looked over it all.  Yes, indeed, I pranced.  OK, maybe I jigged, trotted, plied, or whatever. I never was trained dancer.

And Norton’s Gobsmack was the first one I pulled out to try. The reason?  I blame that solely on Phil Todd of Todd Modz.  Him and his undying love for lime vapes has made me quest for them myself.  That evening I had intended to spend some time with at least 2 flavors, having 2 drippers on the go…

1/3rd of the bottle of Norton’s was gone before I even cracked the other one open.

Now, how to explain it, cause this stuff is different in the realm of lemon-lime vapes.  Is it lemon-lime?  It most certainly is.  But it’s…  Well, it’s not too strong, nor too weak.  It’s not too sour, nor too sweet.  It is, to steal a line from Goldilocks, just right.

This is a smooth, flavorful but not overpowering, sweet yet tart enough lemon-lime that almost comes out creamy.  In a dripper, that tartness comes out but in a tank (even temp controlled ones), it blends together and becomes more creamy.  Like a lemon-lime “fudge”, if that makes sense.

Good cloud production for the ratio, and they smell sort of like lemon-limey good smelling air that you’d imagine the scent those people in commercials touting the freshness of fabric softeners by sniffing line-dried towels are smelling. (Extra note – frequent use of fabric softener on towels reduces their ability to absorb water…  Who says I don’t offer useful advice? :D)  I really don’t know how else to explain it, and it may sound odd, even off putting, but believe me, it’s not. I work in a vape shop on weekends folks, and I’ve had customers request I direct my clouds their way.  This is where I got that definition.  And, as weird as it sounds, it’s quite accurate.

But, as I was saying, the taste is amazing!  Smooth, creamy, lemon-lime.  Throat hit, even as a citrus and even at a 40 PG, is mild. My Freemax hasn’t seen another juice since I opened this one up, and I don’t normally vape a bottle dry in a tank.

I’ve got one refill left.

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