Monster Milk from Quebec Vape!

PG/VG:  15/85
Strength:  3mg
Hardware Used:

  • Mephisto RDA clone, dual coil built with 24ga Kanthal on a 3mm coiling jig, registering @ 0.3Ω on a Hexohm V2 (~60 watts)
  • KangerTech Subtank, OCC coil registering @ 0.5Ω on a Segelei 100 (30 watts)

Follow me down memory lane, if you will.

I was still in my single digits.  It was summer.  My parents had this silver and burgundy Chevy Malibu.  And one hot day, my Dad drove all of us out to town to run some errands.  While we were out, we stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat.  It was the year they released the Blizzard, and this was the first Blizzard I had ever had.

Not thinking that the large would have been enough ice cream to feed a family of 4, my Dad unknowingly ordered my sister and I larges.  I can’t remember what kind my sister got, but I got Nerds.  Cause, well, Nerds were an awesome part of my childhood, and what could make them better than a truck load of ice cream in a cup?

The teenager at the drive through window did the now iconic turning the cup upside down before handing over the nearly 1 liter of frosty dairy treat over to my Dad to pass back to my eagerly waiting hands.  I was in awe as I tried it out for myself, over my lap.  Red flecked strawberry Nerds were swirled among the white ice cream, in some places leaving a pinkish red streak behind them as they were moved by my spoon as I scooped.

Try as I might, I could barely make a dent in that cup.  And we had a lot of running around to do on a hot day in a car without air conditioning.  So it spent some time sitting in the cup holder in the back seat with me.

At some point that afternoon, my Mom, who didn’t have a good vantage point from the front passenger seat when we had picked up our treats, was looking in disbelief as my Dad said that they certainly did hold the cup upside down before he got them.  Wanting to show my Mom that, I grabbed my cup and announced “See?  It sticks!”, or something to that affect, before upending the cup and dumping the remainder of my treat on myself.

Where am I going with this?  Good question.

Monster Milk from Quebec Vape tastes a lot like that treat did, before I dumped it down my legs and into my jelly shoes (remember those things?).  Strawberry candies and milk.

Throat hit is a little more ticklish than usual for a 3 (probably the strawberry portion of the juice, they seem to do that to me at least), good cloud production, and they smell like sweet cream.  While it is a dripper blend, I find it better suited for a subtank, as for some reason the temps my dripper were getting to seemed to make the strawberry hard to detect.  Honestly, I thought there was coconut in it when I was dripping it.  But in my subtank, it came back.  Just like those memories.  And the look on my Dad’s face when he realized what had just happened.  I wasn’t expecting him to laugh.

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