Pink Panzer by Snoogy!

PG/VG:  30/70
Strength:  0mg (but I will admit, I added a bit of nic part way through to bring it to a 3mg, in order to save my family’s lives)
Hardware Used:

  • Mephisto RDA clone, dual coil registering @ 0.3Ω on a V2 Hexohm (dial at about 60W)

Pssst, let me tell you a not so very secret, uh, secret.

I hate watermelon.

It’s been a thing since I was a kid.  Real, artificial, food, drink or scent, I can’t stand it.

You’re chewing watermelon hubba bubba?  You better be downwind, or I’ll hurl.

You can cover it with powdered sugar.  Coat it in the most decadent chocolate.  Wrap it in maple bacon and deep fry it.  I still won’t touch it.

Everyone who knows me, knows my loathing of watermelon.  Only friends and family with a twisted desire to be kicked in the shins offer me that stuff.

And then I got the line of juices from Snoogy.  And maybe it was the pretty pink colour of the juice, or the pink tracked tank on the label, but I had to try it.

…before reading the flavour profile.

And I went through a third of the bottle before I did.

Pink Panzer is described as being watermelon and champaign rose.  So maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time – I needed booze with my watermelon!

Honestly, at first, I couldn’t really tell what this flavour was.  It fit the color, if that makes sense.  Sort of how “grape” candies taste “purple”, and “blueberry” ones taste “blue”, this tastes “pink”, if you get what I mean.  But it wasn’t that loud watermelon like with gum and candies, which is where a lot of watermelon vapes go.  This is fruity, light, and quite tasty!  About an hour into it (probably sooner, but I didn’t want to admit it to myself), I figured it out, and was completely shocked!  I actually LOVE THIS WATERMELON VAPE!

…My husband has asked where I left the pod.

More of a real watermelon flavour, not candied.  As for the champaign part, it comes across as a sweetness you’d not expect in a watermelon at first, and then champaign in the exhale.  Throat hit, before the nic addition, was smooth with a light tickle on the inhale.  Clouds smell…  Well, not like watermelon.  But sweet, and somewhat fruity with a hint of cookie.  Not sure how that happened, but I’m not complaining at all, and neither has anyone who’s been standing in sniffing range.  It’s actually started a guessing game with “name that juice”.  I should trademark that.

Easily an all day vape for fruit fans.  And, yes, for people who normally don’t like watermelon.  It’s certainly worth a shot.  It is the first, ever, watermelon vape I’ve tried and liked, and it’s also the first I’d reorder.

2 thoughts on “Pink Panzer by Snoogy!

  1. Thank you for this awesome review.
    We are very happy that you enjoyed the Pink Panzer. Cheers and vape on !!
    The PG/VG ratio is 30/70 for the Pink Panzer, Sir Monkey and Mr Crunch.
    Island Queen is at Max VG.

    • Thanks for the awesome juice! And the info! I’ll update the post now.

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