Lemon Lime from Robot Vapes!

PG/VG:  25/75
Strength:  2mg
Hardware Used:

  • Mephisto RDA clone, dual coil registering @ 0.3Ω on a V1 Hexohm (dial maxed)

Recently at Vapecan, I had the pleasure of meeting two of the gals who worked at the Robot Vapes booth.  And of all topics at a vaping convention, what got us all talking was Doctor Who.  You see, one of the girls was wearing a Doctor Who shirt, and I was with my favorite Whovian, and I’m a bit of a Whovian myself, and, well…  Fangasm!!!

Sometime after we all finished sharing who our favorite Doctors were (it’s a toss up between Eccleston and Tennant for me), we started talking about Vapecan in general. And word got out that I review juices (in my quest to vape them all).  OK, I may have given them a business card…

15 minutes later, I had a lot of juices to help me on this quest.

Now, earlier that day, I got to spend about 2 minutes at their booth before I got dragged off (pretty much how my entire Vapecan weekend went), and did get a chance to try Lemon Lime in their tester before that happened.  Ever since I found that not all citrus vapes taste like Windex, I’m constantly trying them out when I can.  And this one hit me as being pretty damned good on first hoot.

But then I got it into a dripper.

If you want loud, it doesn’t get much louder than this!  Unsweetened (but not sour) lemon lime.  The kind that makes your mouth water.  The kind that sticks to your tongue and you wash down with water.  And then your water tastes all lemon-limey.

Higher than average throat hit, but citrus tends to do that.  Thick clouds that smell like Mountain Dew.  Throw a touch of sweetener into this and it would probably taste like that too.  But straight up, this is a rise and shine sort of vape.  You can not be bright eyed with this much citrus!  To heck with coffee!

It currently isn’t on the website, but if you check out their Facebook page, it’s on their newsfeed, along side a Provari and GEEKY POSTERS IN THE BACKGROUND!!!  (OMG, Doctor Who and old Transformers posters? I think I love this place!)  So it should be up soon.

2 thoughts on “Lemon Lime from Robot Vapes!

  1. Thanks for the great review!
    Lemon Lime is up on the site now! http://robotvapes.com/products/lemonlime

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