C.V.C. from Diamond Dust E-Juice

PG/VG:  50/50
Strength: 12mg
Hardware Used:

  • UD IGO-W, single coil built with 24ga Kanthal on a 2.5mm screwdriver shaft, registering @ 0.9Ω on an IPV V2 (25 watts)
  • Aspire Nautilus Mini, vertical coil registering @ 1.6Ω on an IPV V2 (15 watts) and a Cloupor DNA 30 box mod (12-15 watts)

Yay, another Alberta juice!  May not have been born here, but I’m gonna show some chosen home province pride!

Diamond Dust E-Juice is the line of juices made by and offered by the Calgary vape shop Economy E-Cigs, and I was honored to be asked to review a few of their flavours.  C.V.C., or Crazy Vanilla Custard, was the first one I had to try.  Why?  Cause, uh, custard???  If there’s a trend in vaping, it’s custards.  And I’m a crazy kind of girl.  So a crazy custard?  I just had to give this one a go.

I cleaned up and rewicked my dripper, loaded it up with a bit of this amber fluid, took a haul, and…  Wait…  Was that anise?  Took another one.  Noooo, not anise, but…  Took another.  Mmmmm!  Cinnamon!  Just to say a little bit, and not the kind that burns but more like a soft, baker’s cinnamon.  But what else was that I tasted in there?

So I filled a tank and went to “work”.  And after 1.5ml, I had to ask.  I was still thinking anise, but very very faintly.  There was an uncommon flavour in there, I knew it.  And sure enough, Wayne from Economy E-Cigs confirmed, it’s Madagascar Vanilla.  Ooooooh, the good stuff!

And so now, as I write this, I’ve had to refill my tank, considering I don’t write reviews without having the juice on hand (for reference, of course).  And I filled it up 3 hours ago.  So that should give you a hint.  It’s pretty awesome.  Is it crazy?  In a good way, yes it certainly is.  This is the kind of custard that, if served to you on a plate, would be thick and caramelized, just waiting to make your posterior stretch your pants a little more than it did before. And you’d be paying $20 at a fancy restaurant for the honor.  This is not your typical custard vape yet at the same time, it’s a delicious mix.

If you’re a custard fan, you really should give this a try.  Vapor for a 50/50 is good, and the throat hit is on par with a 12, with a little tiny tickle to it (that might just be me and cinnamon though).  Clouds smell pretty wonderful, as I learned while vaping on it while walking through the grocery store parking lot and some random person commenting that whatever I was “smoking” (didn’t feel like correcting them) smelled great.  Said it smelled like the glaze on a cinnamon bun, but well, we’re talking about some random stranger.  But still, that’s a pretty good guess for someone who doesn’t know what I was vaping.

Mmmm, cinnamon bun glaze.  This isn’t nearly as sweet as that stuff, but now that I think about it, it’s close in taste.

3 thoughts on “C.V.C. from Diamond Dust E-Juice

  1. Chris

    Good to hear. I just tried a juice from there and got Granny’s apple pie. Guess what, it smells and tastes just like Apple pie! So good. I will definitely be ordering more juice from Wayne.

  2. Sean

    Tried the diamond dust “crushed”, avoid!!! Tastes like mandarin oranges gone bad. I can’t say it tasted even remotely like orange pop

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